About gossiping IoT ;-)

Have you ever wondered which IoT platform should you choose for your company? What are the security measurements you should take for your IoT solution? Shall we go for LoRaWAN or NBIoT? Where to find IoT sensors for your solution? Tough questions, we help you get the best answer!

In IoTGossiper, we discover new IoT technologies, like blockchain; compare market products/solutions; validating technologies; present hands-on tutorials to help our reader better understand IoT and IoT use cases.

Internet of Things (IoT)

3 categories IoT Gossiper will focus on:

  • IoT – new technologies #IoTtech

Introduction of new technology, for example, blockchain, low earth orbit satellite, LoRaWAN, 5G, etc.

  • IoT – Comparison #AvsB

IoT Gossiper will pick the most popular IoT solutions in the market for comparison, such as Azure vs. AWS. LoRa vs. NBIoT.

  • IoT – Ecosystem #iotecosystem

A road map toward a brand new IoT ecosystem

Introducing #Gossipiece (a great piece of gossip article)

we gossip technology and produce #gossipiece 😉

Medium Publication

IoT Gossiper’s story will be sync to our medium channel as well: https://medium.com/@iotgossiper, please support us.

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