How to achieve level 5 autonomous driving

Do you know what is the real challenge in autonomous driving? AI, obstacle detection? radar? Lidar?

No, the biggest challenge, and the most efficient way to solve autonomous driving is:


I didn’t realize this until recently by commenting on a LinkedIn post around 5G technology.

Many people say 5G is THE most critical element to power autonomous cars, some say the car shouldn’t rely on 5G or internet communication. The autonomous car itself, even offline mode, should be “smart” enough to drive around. Both make sense, but let’s dive a bit deeper.

Jean-Luc Scherer posted this question:

Self-driving cars? Do they really need 5G?

5G, to the autonomous cars, is not simply a speed improvement. Its D2D function is the key to make high-efficiency communication possible.

Adoption is indeed a challenge, but we need 5G, and especially the D2D functionality

If you ask why, check out Omar’s answer and my comments below:

Omar’s point is clear, cars need to talk. By communication, cars can “work together” to avoid crashes and dangerous situations on the road. Why?

My point is simply, 11 genius football players but they don’t pass the ball VS. 11 good football players who work as a team. Which team can possibly win?

If there is only one car on the road, the autonomous driving problem is already solved. However, in reality, driving on the road is never a single- vehicle problem. The road complicity makes level-5 autonomous driving “impossible”.

These complicities will never be solved by AI alone. It doesn’t matter on the edge or on the cloud. Communication is the only way out. AI+communication will lead us to full level-5 autonomous driving. Communication, needless to say, needs better internet communication. Not just speed, but also how the network operates. Either use the carrier’s mainnet or just conduct device to device communication.

To summarize, autonomous driving needs 5G. And only with AI and more efficient communication, we are able to achieve level 5 autonomous driving.

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5 stages of autonomous driving

In the end, I want to leave you a question:

Why communication is so difficult to achieve then? lol