AWS vs. Azure IoT

It’s been a while since I first compare and assess these two IoT solutions, I was asked recently by many people:

How to choose your IoT platform?

This is always a very interesting question people are intended to ask, especially for those big enterprises, because they need to make the decision (which follows by millions of dollars investment) which direction to go. It’s not very agile, but this is still the way to go in most of the big companies.

In the following couple of weeks, I will break down my previous analysis on these two platforms into several pieces, to compare and illustrate which platform (in your circumstances) you should be considering. My initial plan of contents will include (but not limited to) the followings:

  • General introduction about IoT platform (more than just AWS and Azure) and why we should use IoT platforms. —-> link
  • AWS vs. Azure: 1. Device Management —-> link
  • AWS vs. Azure: 2. Edge computing
  • AWS vs. Azure: 3. Security —-> Azure (link); AWS (Link)
  • AWS vs. Azure: 4. Price model —-> Link
  • AWS vs. Azure: 5. Conclusion

———————–Stay tuned——————-