Why you should care about Internet of Things (IoT)? — 3 Reasons!

There is nothing like IoT that will connect us so tightly…

People are talking about IoT for decades, but unlike AI, it just didn’t take off exponentially. There are top 3 reasons you should stay tuned for IoT even it’s not yet your #1 priority.


IoT will excel the size you can image, and it’s in everywhere! Connected devices, includes your car, your household electrics, industry sensors, etc. Unless human fall back to the stone age, we will become more connected everyday.

Big data and AI

IoT devices measure our environment (temperature, humidity sensors), measure our life (smart watch, hospital monitoring devices), measure the factory (vibration sensor, pressure sensor). All of these, generate unimaginable huge amount of data. With data, you apply AI, which brings “value”.

Fact: 5 quintillion bytes of data produced every day (that’s 2.5 followed by 18 zeros) By the year 2020. –https://blogs.cisco.com/datacenter/internet-of-things-iot-data-continues-to-explode-exponentially-who-is-using-that-data-and-how


Like your computers, remember 10-15 years ago. We were bothering by the virus malware that will harm our computers. Same will happen to our IoT devices. It will happen because the value it will bring to those criminals. 6 security challenges from CMSwire:

  • More Dangerous Attacks
  • Security as a Differentiator More Dangerous Attacks
  • Escalating IoT-Driven Financial Crime
  • Model Risk Management
  • Machine Phishing
  • Poor Legacy Security

In security, consumers care about one thing the most, privacy! If things go like what happened in the internet age or mobile age, we will have certain level of security providing by those big tech companies. But we will lose our privacy of they evilly use our data to pursuit value.

You will be inevitably involved in this journey, so better be prepared.